Engaresero Eramatare community Development Initiative (EECDI) is community Based Organization (CBO) registered on AUGUST 2012 under the Ngorongoro District Council Resolution No.05/11/2008 and NGO Act number 24 of 2002 and awarded certificate of registration with NO.NGOR/DC/R.1/06/2014.

The objective for establishment of the organization is to manage and coordinate cultural and natural resources for sustainable development to the community surrounding the area. The organization have an overall mandate of managing and coordinating tourism business and activities on behalf of local communities in the area and distribute tourism benefits to the communities through development projects and supporting various programs within the village including Education projects

The revenue collected are being used to support community directly whereas more than 80 people save as local guides and half of the collections goes to them as allowance to support their families and empower them economically. These tour guides have been trained several times in order to ensure provision of good service to the clients as well as serving as good ambassadors to their community and nation at large. These groups of people include all groups like youth, women and junior elders where all of them do works in rotation.


The community of Engaresero village will manage and maintain traditional customs and natural resources for sustainable development to maintain pastoral heritage.


To promote, empower and safeguarding the interests and live hoods of the community through the sustainable management of its natural and cultural resources in line with its pastoralist’s heritage. The CBO is managed and operated by local communities themselves and 100% of the collected revenue remain within the community.