The word “MAA” is originated from the Maasai language, therefore Maasai community is Nilotic ethic group inhibiting in the northern, central and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. These are among terrific known indigenous populations internationally due to their nomadic ways of living that still preserve and maintain their culture despite of the challenges of globalized world. Through this package you will have enough time to make a visit to a Maasai Boma and learn their ways of lives

Maasai home stay: Ethno botanic knowledge, which offers you to be familiar with Maasai traditional herbs that the Maasai use for treatment and cure against diseases such as Malaria, pneumonia, chest complication, sterility and STDS diseases.

Orpul experience: This will make you stay in the bush for couples of days with the Maasai and have only meet, blood, together with a soap mixed with different botanic herbs

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