The name Natron derived from mineralogical composition of this lake that is Sodium Carbonate in high concentration with PH up to 10.5 and it has a very shallow depth  up to 4 m during the rainy season .The total area covered by the Lake is 930km2, the length is 57km ,width 4565m and it located at elevation of 610m above the sea level the lake is one of a very important place for breading site of lesser flamingo and holds large flocks of both greater and lesser flamingos due to its conducive environments against predators and availability of food due to its alkalinity rate give the survive to salt loving micro organisms and blue green algae which mainly feed by flamingos, approximately about 2.5 millions of flamingos breads at lake Natron, Although the lake give the survive for other aquatic birds. The temperature here is very hot hence the rate of evaporation is very high and vary the size and volume of the lake temperature rises to 450C at the dry season.


Drive straight from camp to the shore of lake Natron, where you will leave your car and take a walk with the local Maasai guide for very closely and friendly bird watching for about 15 to 30 minutes around the shores of the Lake. Nevertheless, the time is not limited to stay for bird watching; this depends with your time. Then after the Maasai local guide will take you back to the car and drive to the camp.

Half walking which include take a walking early from the camp with Maasai local guide where you will pass to sub Maasai village and thin Engaresero bush up the shores of the Lake for bird watching, as well as a terrific landscape viewing. The walk will take about 2 to 3 hours then the car will pick you back to the camp and vice versa is true.

Full Walking (going and back by walking), you will walk early in the morning with the local Maasai guide through Engaresero thin forest and sub Maasai village Bomas up to the shores of the Lake where you will have a scenery birds watching and tremendous landscape of the Gregory Rift Valley and the Mountain Oldonyo Lengai, then you walk back to the camp via opposite route.

Lake Natron Walking Tools

  • 5 liter of water per person
  • Conformable walking shoes
  • Camera
  • Sun cream
  • Sun glasses
  • Hut
  • Long sleeve

NB: All walking are recommended to be early in the morning because the area is associated with hot temperature and sun. Also open shoes and sandals are not comfortable shoes for walking.

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